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Packing of Products – Imported or locally manufactured; from bulk shipping to retail ready packaging.

Bagging of Products – Such as screws & nuts; in to plastic bags, with or without a header card.

Shrink Wrapping Products – Shrink wrapping of products to give it that special look and also to increase the security of the product.

Collating Pages or Products – Collating of multiple pages or products and placing them in to a file, envelope, bag or box as required.

Labelling Products – Labelling your product with special labels, additional labels or replacement labels as required.

Assembly of Products – Assembly of your product from parts supplied. Examples of this include assembling gift hampers, accessory kits, cable assemblies and special promotional offers.


At Abilities, we are honoured to have a remarkable and dedicated team member who has been a part of our family for an outstanding 40 years!

Pia, who is fondly referred to as “Mummy” by her colleagues, has been a steadfast and unwavering employee at our company for over four decades. Her unwavering commitment and passion for what she does continues to inspire us all.

Pia has become a true expert in many areas including our packing and assembly team and has honed her skills over the years to provide the highest quality of service. Pia lives with her husband and catches the bus to work part way and then walks the rest

Pia shares that she loves working at Abilities, where she has found a supportive workplace and a fantastic team to work with. She appreciates the reliability of her employment and the positive work environment that she is a part of.

91 Hillside Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0627

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