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At Abilities Group, we’re a recycling charity with a heart for people with disabilities. Our aim is to enrich their lives by offering fulfilling work opportunities. At the same time, we’re also dedicated to protecting the environment and reducing waste. We offer comprehensive recycling services for a wide range of materials, such as electronic waste, documents, batteries, cardboard, and polystyrene across the Auckland region. By doing our part in keeping these materials out of landfill, we are creating a cleaner, greener Aotearoa for all Kiwis. 


We provide the many different recycling services to households, schools, not for profits and businesses. Learn more at the links.

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We love to re-use as well as recycle. If we are donated an item that can be re-used rather than recycled, we list it on our Abilities Group Trade Me site. This helps generate funds to help us employ more staff with disabilities. The laptops for sale have had the data on their hard drives securely destroyed in all cases. Click below to see the great items we have available on Trade Me.

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